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Join SunSpark Yoga owners, Stacey & Ernie Schuerman for a live recording of our Yoga Nidra & Sound Meditation from our January 2020 Vision Board Workshop.  A lovely balanced meditation to ground, restore and open you to new opportunities. 

Check out Stacey & Ernie's new Yoga Nidra & Sound Meditation recorded in partnership w/Heart Alchemy Yoga!  The powerful combination of sound healing music combined with the trance of Yoga Nidra helps to reduce anxiety, clear the subconscious mind and achieve deep states of relaxation.  #yoganidra #tibetansingingbowls #soundbath #soundmeditation

We are honored to offer FREE VIRTUAL LIVE CLASSES on both Instagram & Facebook to help you to find peace and comfort during these challenging times. We are grateful for any and all donations that support our time, energy and expenses related to creating online content and to support our community without in-person studio classes and personal interaction.  Our hope is that we will emerge more resilient, compassionate and supportive of humanity on the other side of the storm. 

Namaste, Stacey & Ernie & SunSpark Yoga Family

Please enjoy this live recording of Ernie & Stacey's morning Sound & Yoga Nidra Meditation recorded at Blue Osa Retreat & Spa in Costa Rica, accompanied by the sounds of birds and monkeys!

  • Sound & Nidra Meditation in Costa Rica 29:15

How to Prepare your Space for Yoga Nidra & Sound Meditation:

Find a quiet, comfortable space where you can sit or lie down on your bed, couch or yoga mat. Grab some extra blankets or towels and pillows to get extra cozy and warm. If you decide to sit cross-legged for meditation, you might want to lean against the wall, place a pillow behind your lower back and possibly under your knees for extra support, and drape a blanket or towel over your shoulders for warmth. If you decide to lie down, you can place a rolled up towel or blanket under your knees for support, drape a blanket over your body for warmth and cover your eyes with a scarf or washcloth.  Once you're all set up, hit the play button and settle in.

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