200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 

January 18 - May 12, 2019

Corporate Wellness Yoga Classes from SunSpark Yoga

On-site services bring cost-effective instruction to your workplace to reduce employee health costs and improve the overall mental wellbeing of your employees.  Choose from any of our class offerings from Gentle Yoga Stretch to Hatha Flow All Levels to Pilates Fusion.

Gentle Yoga Stretch: Great class if new to yoga, have injuries, recent surgeries, health issues, or want a slower, gentler practice to open & awaken body & mind.  Class explores fundamental principles of yoga to develop & strengthen body’s core center while improving coordination, mental clarity, balance & flexibility.  Appropriate for all levels.

Hatha Flow All Levels: Mixed level yoga class excellent for beginners to advanced. Builds strength & stamina in body & mind, striking a balance between flowing Vinyasa & longer holds of Classical Hatha Yoga.  Postures linked with breath to facilitate opening & release.  We invite you to have fun, honor your body & work at your own pace!   

Please message Stacey or Ernie at info@sunsparkyoga.com or call us 714-786-5994 to inquire about our affordable pricing structure and how we can work together to bring health and wellness to your team!