Our Values

​​​​Our Dedication to Mother Earth 

& Commitment to Eco-Friendly Business Practices:

SunSpark Yoga is dedicated to mindful & conscious, eco-centered business practices by:

  • Supporting both local and eco-friendly businesses
  • Utilizing recycled paper products, low-VOC paint & non-toxic earth-friendly cleaning products
  • Featuring natural organic bamboo and slate tile floors
  • Offering free filtered water and encouraging the use of reusable water bottles
  • Using plants in the studio to help filter the air
  • Featuring eco-friendly yoga props and clothing, vegan candles and lotions, handmade jewelry & art made by local artisans, and natural incense available for purchase in our retail shop

Simple conscious choices we make in everyday life can directly contribute to restoring the earth’s natural balance, and by choosing environmentally friendly products and business practices, we can all do our part to support the movement towards a healthier, sustainable planet.