Cheap Most Basic Brand New Yoga Mat. Standard 68" length in Assorted Limited Colors: Royal Blue (3), Light Pink(4), Light Green (2), Lavender (1), Teal (1).

Nothing fancy. Just the most basic cheap yoga mat you can find. But, sometimes that is all you need. Great option to use under your "good" yoga mat for our outdoor classes.

Limited quantity available. 

Order online and pick up in-studio.

Investment: $10  Click here to purchase



Brand New Cozy Yoga Blankets!  Limited Availability in Solids and Stripes. First Come, First Available for Color Choice.

Available in Solid Dark Blue, Olive Green and Lavender or Striped Pastel Pink/Blue/White, Navy/Lavender/White, Light Green/Black/White, Dark Purple/Black/White Orange.

Order online and pick up in-studio.

Investment: $35  Click here to purchase

New to SunSpark Yoga! KULAE yoga mats!

tpECOmat 5mm, & 8mm
Completely free of PVC, latex, rubber and allergen, these mats are non-porous and resilient. Kulae mats are constructed using closed-cell technology, which makes them impervious to germs, odor and bacteria. The Kulae tpECOmats are extremely lightweight - especially for their level of durability -The 5mm mat offers perfect cushion for all styles while maintaining a firm base for balance, and the 8mm mat is perfect for both restorative yoga and Pilates.

Elite Hybrid (towel/mat combo)
The Elite Hybrid combines a towel and a mat into one amazingly convenient product. The towel-like top layer is a bamboo/microfiber blend. The bottom layer is constructed of eco-friendly PER. Of course, there are no toxins, phthalates or PVCs in this mat. It is machine-washable with cold water on a gentle cycle, and can be hung up or tumbled dry on low heat.

Order online and pick up in-studio.

Investment: $59 for 5mm or $79 for 8mm or Elite Hybrid

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